Homemade Pierogi

History and Popularity

Pierogi are dumplings stuffed with various fillings, originating in Poland and Eastern Europe. They are usually semicircular and often contain sauerkraut, potato or cheese. They are a staple of Polish cuisine and considered a national dish. The English word comes from Polish pierogi [pʲɛˈrɔgʲi], which is the plural form of pieróg [ˈpʲɛruk], a generic term for filled dumplings

Considered peasant food in early times, pierogi gained popularity with all classes in Poland, especially during holidays. Christmas, Easter and important events such as weddings, often have special types of pierogi as part of the celebration.

Brought to America by immigrants in the late 1920’s, pierogi are especially popular in Buffalo and other areas with high Polish and Eastern European populations. The first documented sale in America took place in Cleveland in 1928, where a tavern owner served the dish to unemployed steel mill workers.

Our PierogiPierogi in Buffalo and Cheektowaga NY

Each week, family members gather at Polish Villa II to create our delicious homemade pierogi using our family recipe. You can enjoy these heavenly pockets at our restaurant or in your own home by ordering some for pick up. Please call us a week in advance to make sure we have enough for your order. Christmastime is especially busy for these orders, so get in early!

Call us at 716-822-4908 to place your order.

Fillings and Variations

We offer farmers cheese, potato mixed with cheddar, sauerkraut or mushroom and goat cheese for fillings. Traditionally they are fried with butter but adding onions and sour cream just add more to the delicious flavors.